Alicante – City of Tourists

Alicante – City of Tourists

The castle of the Santa Barbara is the attractive point for visitors from all over the world. This fort is giant historical building, placed on the top of the Mount Benacantil. This castle was built on 19th century and this fort was the under the use of Muslim, it is the also a master piece of roman and Iberian archeology. From many decades the fort was close for general public, but in the 19th century the castle was opened for visitors to see the massive beauty of the castle structure and the archeology.

Many visitors come from many nations to see this elegant piece of history. The Barbara castle has everything of ancient time like cannon, a palace, markets, guard wing, Governor’s house, the garrison courtyard, church and the famous outlook tower. This castle is the strong military base for the rulers of that time. Many students also comes here form reputed universities to learn the structure, design and the beauty of archeology .There are two entrance points to reach the castle one is elevator lift with simple fee you easily reach the castle, but if you are energetic and want to enjoy the sea breeze you walk along the road but it is so time consuming to reach the castle.

This castle is the masterpiece of the beauty for Alicante city, it attract thousands of people around the world to see the magnificent piece. Many concerts also held in summer months of July and august, the brilliant combinations of the lights at night increase the beauty of the castle.

There also many museums which elaborate the history of the ancient Alicante history, traditions and cultures .The rice paella are the famous food of the Alicante city. The Alicante hotels and restaurants etc serves you with best food items.

The sea and the city look beautiful at the top of the castle you can also see the important places from here. The Alicante is now become the centre of the tourist all around the world. There are also many Piquant parks, restaurants, guest houses, museums and night clubs. There is no need to be worried about the accommodation of the house, car and foods. The varieties of the all things are available in the Alicante city. The visit of the Alicante city, it ensures you the perennial pleasure for your life. There are many beautiful golf clubs in the Alicante city.

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